Implementation of Cultural Events (Activity nr. 4)

This activity is focused on the realization of artistic and cultural events in the restored historical park and in the premises of the Glass museum and gallery. The events should generate the revenue of cultural heritage monuments through their reuse. These activities will be organized for village inhabitants, visitors, artists, pupils, students, minorities and people with disabilities. A part of the implementation of these activities will be purchase and provisions of the wooden stalls (folding element) in the historical park, to the local craftsmen.The cultural events will include performances of children of kindergarten and primary school Lednické Rovne, performances of cultural minorities (Roma community), presentation of traditional crafts by local craftsmen. In order to involve the students of the Secondary Vocational School in Púchov, we will organize an exhibition in the gallery. The involvement of the Roma community in the project will be realized in cooperation with the NGO "Hope for Others", which focuses on activities for the Roma and Jewish communities.

During the project the following events will take place:

  • exhibition Slovak glass and ceramics design;
  • exhibition of students’ art glass works;
  • weekend of open parks and gardens;
  • fairytale park,
  • village liberation run;
  • ldays of local products and crafts,
  • summer concerts.

In cooperation with the NGO the following events will take place: Day of Jewish and Roma culture: history, music, dance, traditional costume, customs, Jewish holidays, movies, cuisine (traditional food recipes with tasting); Accompanying events - lecture and education : against racism and anti-Semitism; about the history of the Israelites and the Roma; Jewish and Roma Holocaust. Day camp in the park: Aimed at suppressing racial intolerance and building lasting friendships. Children will work in teams where they learn to respect and help each other. They will gain new knowledge and learn the skills that are associated with safety, protection and love to the nature. Educational topics: knotting and tying to the use of small tools in nature without the use of nails (eg camping), fire, working with tools in the nature, hiking aids and equipment, safety in nature, biblical reflections. Activities in the camp will include games, scenes, competitions, exercises, dances, singing as well.

Time Schedule: 07/2022 – 10/2023; The implementation of Activity 4 will contribute to the following indicators: Annual number  of visitors in supported cultural heritage sites, museums  and cultural activities; Annual revenues generated by the restored monuments; Number of enterpreneurship strategies developed and implemented; Number of projects that have conducted consultations with the local community; Number of revitalisation projects promoting the culture and heritage of minorities; Number of locall craftsmen involved in the project; Number of educational institution involved in project; Number of cultural activities carried out within the project which are addressing cultural heritage of minorities; Number of cultural activities with a specific focus on combating extremism, radicalisation, hate speech.

Main entities involved in the implementation of the activity: Applicant: the municipality of Lednické Rovne as the main organizer of cultural events; Partner 1 (RONA, a.s.) as the owner of the glass museum and gallery.


Thank you

The „Renovation and Revitalization of the Historical Park in Lednické Rovne“ benefits from a € 999,789 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA grants. The project has been co-financend  from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of 149,968 €. The aim of the project is to  "To restore and revitalise pavements, hypodrome, to cut down some woody plants and planting of new onces instead. A new mobiliare and new rest areas will be placed in the Historical park in Lednicke Rovne. A local Museum of Glass will be renewed and International Glass symposium artworks will be set up within the park. Glass manufacturing and the historical park will be propagated".