Realization of International Glass Symposium RONA 2022 (Activity nr. 3)

For 25 years, RONA has been organizing meetings of artists from all over the world that have become known not only to the general public, but also to artists and art theorists who are dedicated to glassmaking. The purpose was always to address the widest circle of artists and designers that come to Lednicke Rovne to present the skills of glass makers via their works. At the annual event are always represented China, USA, Sweden, Poland, Latvia, Russia, Czech Republic and Slovakia. As a result, the specialised lecture days will be held and during these the designers will present their glass work.

Specialised programe: The exhibition in Rona Gallery, Slovak glass museum, the Mianson; The exhibition of results from previous syposiumsin one of the well-known galleries e.g. Trencin or Orava; Professional  lectures in the afternoon. Considering the restoration of the cultural monument – historical park in Lednicke Rovne, as a part of the project, it is planned to place the art works created during the symposium by norwegian artists that are represented by norwegian partner S12 - outdoor exposition of glass art works (Activity nr. 1). In this way we will declare a connection of the project to the field of hand made blown glass. The cooperation of municipality Lednicke Rovne and S12 will be launched by the visit of norwegian artist Æsa Björk in this project. She arrives before the International glass symposium in order to get known the region and to meet the production team of RONA company. Afterwards she will attend together with other two norwegian artists the symposium. Her stay will be one week longer . She will create large glass art works in hypodrome and 2 other Norwegian artist will create smaller glassworks that will also be placed in the park in accordance with the overall concept of park restoration. In July 2023 Æsa Björk will return to Lendicke Rovne to finish the placement of the works in the park. It means that the first version of the glass art work will be finished in 2022 and final version installed in the park will be presented to the public at the same time as the gallery opening exhibition of works from norwegian artists (Activity nr. 2).

Time Schedule: 09/2022 – 09/2022.

The implementation of Activity 3 will contribute to the following indicators:

Annual number  of visitors in supported cultural heritage sites, museums  and cultural activities;

Annual revenues generated by the restored monuments (in €);

Number of enterpreneurship strategies developed and implemented;

Number of partnership agreements concluded between the owner of cultural heritage site and other stakeholders;

Number of projects that have conducted consultations with the local community;

Number of joint cultural activities implemented;

Number of projects involving cooperation with a donor project partner.

Main entities involved in the implementation of the activity: Applicant municipality Lednické Rovne municipality as a partner of organized symposium; Partner 1 (RONA, a.s.) as the main organizer of the symposium; Partner 2 (S12 Galleri og Verksted) Participation in a major event - International Glass Symposium - RONA 2022, to be held in September 2020, attended by Norwegian glass artist Æsa Björk.


Thank you

The „Renovation and Revitalization of the Historical Park in Lednické Rovne“ benefits from a € 999,789 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA grants. The project has been co-financend  from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of 149,968 €. The aim of the project is to  "To restore and revitalise pavements, hypodrome, to cut down some woody plants and planting of new onces instead. A new mobiliare and new rest areas will be placed in the Historical park in Lednicke Rovne. A local Museum of Glass will be renewed and International Glass symposium artworks will be set up within the park. Glass manufacturing and the historical park will be propagated".