RONA 2022 Glass Symposium


RONA 2022 Glass Symposium

On September 5-10, 2022, the important glass event SYMPÓZIUM RONA 2022 took place in our village. The glass symposium is an important milestone in the process of restoration of the historical park in Lednické Rovnie. During the symposium, prominent world artists presented their work. The organizer of this meeting was RONA a.s., as a project partner.


PHOTO: all participating artists of the glass symposium


Another partner of the park renewal project, which is the design studio S12 Gallery based in Norway, took part in this event. This partner was represented at the event by the artist Æsa Björk. Her task was to design a glass monument during the glass week, which will be placed in the renovated part of the park as part of the park's renewal. The glass components of this monument were designed and manufactured in the production facilities of RONA a.s.










Design of a piece of art in the park:


Description of the work in the author's words:

The memory chamber takes inspiration from the crossroads of history in the park. It aims to be a welcoming refuge to wanderers and dreamers while at the same time reflecting the natural environment and our part in it. The forms of the dome are directly inspired by the shape of the roof of the Mauzóleum of Jozefa Schreibera and in step with his legacy is adorned by domes of glass that reflect a variation of colours and shadows depending on the time of day.


      Æsa Björk, autor