Renovation of the Museum and Gallery (Activity 2)

This activity is dedicated to the renovation of the glass museum with gallery in Lednické Rovne. The museum needs minor construction modifications so that it is wheelchair accessible and it would give an opportunity to purchase various service packages and glass products as well. The new interior equipment and furnishing of museum as new exhibitions stands and items of the furniture will be procured. Slovak glass museum was established in 1988. Its exposition is situated in the adjacent Mansion from the end of 16th century in immediate proximity of the historical park. The permanent glass exhibition gives the picture of glass production history in Slovakia from the past to the present time. The special part of the exposition is created by the working tools and by the map of this historical glass factory. Within the building is also the gallery established with the exposition of glass art works. Nowadays museum and gallery are functioning in restricted mode. It is not operated daily, only upon requests. The owner of the Mansion and Glass museum with gallery is Slovak project partner – company RONA a.s. Within this activity we will offer to the museum visitors and other interested parties the excursions to the glass factory. The excursions will be organized in the groups, minimum number of participants is five, maximum fifteen (for students groups minimally ten). Company RONA, a. s. contributes to the project realization with Glass art museum opening to the general public, visitors and it is followed by realizations of further glass art exhibitions. The RONA company will ensure the museum operation by an employee that will be working here after the project finalization as well. Within this activity municipality of Lednické Rovne with the cooperation of S12 Galleri og Verksted will organize the opening exhibition of the art glass works from Norwegian artists in the gallery of Slovak glass museum (July to September 2023).

Time Schedule: 09/2020 – 12/2023

The implementation of Activity 2 will contribute to the following indicators:

  • Annual number  ofvisitors in supported cultural heritage sites, museums  and cultural activities;
  • Annual revenues generated by the restored monuments (in €);
  • Number of working places created;
  • Number of enterpreneurship strategies developed and implemented;
  • Number of partnership agreements concluded between the owner of cultural heritage site and other stakeholders;
  • Number of projects that have conducted consultations with the local community;
  • Number of bilateral activities targeting minorities;
  • Number of joint cultural activities implemented;
  • Number of projects involving cooperation with a donor project partner;
  • Number of educational institution involved in project.

Main entities involved in the implementation of the activity:

Applicant municipality Lednické Rovne as the owner and manager of the park, which is located near the museum; Partner 1 (RONA, a.s.) as the owner of the museum and gallery and Partner 2 (S12 Galleri og Verksted) through participation in the opening exhibition of works of Norwegian artists within the gallery, which is part of the Slovak Glass Museum and which will be open to the general public.


Thank you

The „Renovation and Revitalization of the Historical Park in Lednické Rovne“ benefits from a € 999,789 grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA grants. The project has been co-financend  from the State Budget of the Slovak Republic in the amount of 149,968 €. The aim of the project is to  "To restore and revitalise pavements, hypodrome, to cut down some woody plants and planting of new onces instead. A new mobiliare and new rest areas will be placed in the Historical park in Lednicke Rovne. A local Museum of Glass will be renewed and International Glass symposium artworks will be set up within the park. Glass manufacturing and the historical park will be propagated".